Rotem - Israel Plant Information Center

Center for Documentation, Research and Education of the Flowers of Israel
A Joint Project of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
and the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel.
Established in 1979

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Main Goals

1.  Research and collection of information:

Collection of information on the geographic distribution, the biology, and the phenology of wild plants in Israel.  Establishment of a computerized information center and distribution of material to all those interested in wild plants such as: nature lovers, students, teachers and researchers.

2.  Education:

Teaching ecological botany to the public, and identifying wild plants to nature lovers.

3.  Nature preservation:

Supplying botanical and vegetational information for conservation use. Suplying information on the rare and endemic plants of Israel, in order to protect them and their habitat. Conducting botanical surveys, to locate botanical sites important for nature preservation.

Our Israeli Wild Plant Data-Base (EcoIsrael) is a unique established system.  It comprises now over 630,000 records of distribution and phenology of plants. It is available for analyses of diverse tools, such as GIS. The EcoIsrael information, combined with GIS, enabled to perform few projects that showed how that system can utilized for a new sophisticated analyses. Distributional maps can illustrate the use of the EcoIsrael data-base for conservation rare and endangered plants in Israel.